and the Defeat of the Primaeval Chaos Monster

by King Quentin

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Anthony Hall
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Anthony Hall Passion and groove aplenty here, heart and soul music to get you out your seat and dancing and living differently. Favorite track: Tightly.
j matthews
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j matthews Great soulful music, composed and sang by the most soulful people you could ever be lucky enough to meet. Favorite track: Sky Touches the Ground.
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This was the second full length album from King Quentin. On this record the drums and acoustic guitar were recorded live in just one or two takes; vocals, bass guitar and percussion were added afterwards, but the recording still maintains a very “live” feel.
Back in the day, Sheffield's premier music magazine, 'Sandman' said of this album,
'...a slice of raw magic. The album seems consciously stripped down, but by no means bare. It delivers slab after slab of pure emotion, beautifully entwined with bluesy, folk/country guitar...'


released March 24, 2014



all rights reserved


King Quentin Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Sunrise
I’m losing this battle, someday it could be the war
But there has to be some hope here, underneath the ash and bones on the floor.

I thought I’d see the roses, all I see is the scorched floor.
I must defeat this evil, but can I raise my sword before the dawn?

Let hope, let it rise.
Let love, let it rise.
Track Name: Sky Touches the Ground
Is it true you’re in love, just look at the smile that adorns your face
You’re glowing so brightly you’re eyes encompass a brand new faith
Though the path it encroaches, there’s a clearing on the horizon line
Till then my toes will brush lightly on your heels as we walk through the pines

The evening sun draws lengthy silhouettes on the ground
And if you listen close to the breeze and the wistful sounds
And then hold your heart, look to the sky and back on down
Well don’t you know… that this is the place… where the sky…
…touches the ground

You could be just like Nashville because you can hold a tune
Or just like Havana because with your fire you could light up a room
You could be just like Paris in fact you are you’re a work of art
Or just like Rome and steal many a lover’s heart
Track Name: Meaningless
He has made everything beautiful in its time,
And he has placed eternity in the hearts of men
But they cannot fathom.
Track Name: Insecurity Train
You and me, our hearts are lit up like a Christmas Tree.
Let’s hold on tight, to the diminishing light.
Our hearts just as bright, and pure as the stars in the dimming skies.
Can we stay this unscathed, by the pessimistic path that we paved.

Don’t let it in: the insecurity train.
Don’t let it in: the pessimistic world.

Grasp my hand, pretend this is a beach of golden sand,
And walk, oh so slow, our hearts still a glow.
I won’t speak, in case I let slip my insecurity,
Would you just allow me this, a neck scarf, stolen kiss.

I won’t let it in, my insecurity train.
I won’t let it in, my past scars, fears and pain.
I won’t let it in, all that remains to be seen.
I won’t let it in, my pessimistic world.
Track Name: Overcoat
That old overcoat is my protection and guard
That old overcoat protects my heart
That old overcoat it warms me right through
That old overcoat Lord it’s you

And I can’t spend…
And I can’t spend…
And I can’t spend… too much time away from you

This old overcoat helps in my plight
This old overcoat shines in the night
My old overcoat didn’t cost me a whole heap
A prayer and a handful of trust and I know I got it cheap

Away from you oh’ away from you
Away from you oh’ away from you
Away from you oh’ away from you
Away from you oh’ away from you
Track Name: Tightly
I ought to be on the road driving through this darkest night
Assured the stars spit out light even when cloaked out of sight
The bed of sin I made and tucked you o so tightly in
Time now to reflect on what was prayed and the nature of your name

Shouts and cries, the tea stains, spite, fright and grey stone lies
Quite a night to hold you tightly, never lightly in my mind
Unknown, bemoan, you’re not alone, it’s not a painful, wasting drone
Quite a night to hold you tightly, never lightly in my mind

Digging foundations hoping one day to live life above ground
Asking why you’re here, why life keeps on letting you down
Warning rockets fire out loud, you’re a wreck no doubt
But we’re all too unholy to dig this hallowed ground
Track Name: Just Another Jonah
For heaven’s sake would you let the sunlight break on my face
For heaven’s sake would you let the sunlight break on my face

Would you lift me from this pit and set me on some dry ground
Would you lift me from this pit and set me on some dry ground

The shore is near I can hear the waves breaking on the rocks
The shore is near I can hear the waves breaking on the rocks

For loves sake the sunlight breaks on my face
For loves sake the sunlight breaks on my face
Track Name: Hope
It was a cool summer when she laid her head down to die
Touching the hem of death’s shroud he wears O so proud
Leaving me alone, not to give up, but to retire
To remember the way your fringe would hang down – covering any frown

Hope is all about the future
And faith is all about this day
But it’s the thin end of the wedge
That makes us all live this way

It’s the thin end of a long, long wedge
And I can feel it being driven deep, deep into my head
It’s “comfort, comfort” we hear all this long winter’s year
I know it’s tenderness she, and all, need to hear.

There are paths that need to be made straight, straight
So from this exile we’re able and willing to escape
There are mountains to climb such as sin’s steep malady
What about the depths of death’s shadow valley?
Track Name: Blind Girl
I fell in love with a girl and she was blind,
With beautiful eyes that saw right through my lies,
She was as delicate as a rose with the misfortune of the thorns
And on her back she bore the weight of all this life's storms

I've begun to find my life at times
Is nothing more than the blind leading the blind

It was high time I took her hand to lead her on,
She smiled as always and agreed to come,
So as we fall from this ditch to this,
I ached for this to be the last slip.

My eyes are touched by a sky crazy blue,
I can see, l look to her and she sees too.
She's so delicate like a wisp in that sky,
Sad she never knew her own beauty or the light in her eyes

But the tears that I cry are for the hurt and the lies,
That I cause you...
That you'll never see...
That you'll never see...
Track Name: The Rear Lights
Now I can't share those things with you
Those days are through

The rear light of the car in front makes me want to fall in love with you,
It's a strange idea but it's true
And the dimming of the evening night means I really want you to know
The friends I used to know

The finest sight that I've seen is that of a steeple reaching to the sky
Reflected maybe in a magpie’s eye
By the fields and the railway line as if somehow outside of time
We all looked as kings, very fine

Those times remind of the places that we never get to see
Playing cards and drinking tea
And stepping out onto that road that's been so well worn
That runs on past the field of corn
Track Name: Three Generations
Three generations and there all in a van
and they got there frustrations like the older man
who’s worked his whole life his flag unfurled
but he never got to see the world
and the woman he loved wanted by his side
was taken away with the tide… and he has regrets

Three generations and there all in a van
and they got there frustrations like the middle aged man
who hides the sorrow of his divorce
and though he still loves her fate must decide the course
so he works much harder does not go home
Just goes to town and drinks alone… his heart is wrecked but he won’t admit it

Three generations and there all in a van
and they got there frustrations like the younger man
who knows little of pain
he fell down once but got up again
he makes the coffee and brings the tea
but his dream is to be like one of these… older men with the respect that they command

The older man takes the young one aside
and says “boy if you don’t want regrets do something with your life,
try to reach the heavens you can touch the stars,
you could go to America and drive big cars,
make a difference stake your claim
all you need boy is to be bold… and to love without fear of pain

Three generations and there all in a van
and they got there frustrations like every man…
Track Name: Fade to Grey
You were in my dreams last night, I remember your face.
My heart was bursting at the seams, but I was without you;
Something to say, because although you were beautiful, your face was grey.

I remember you, you were teary eyed, I wanted to wipe them away.
I opened my arms out wide, but you didn’t know what to say,
And your face was pale grey.

The last time I saw you, you were as happy as can be
You were fixed just as your deserved, I wish I could say the same for me.

My favourite dream of you, we’re lying in a field looking at the stars.
I can hear your breath and I’m holding your hand, on my chest right next to my heart

And I didn’t know what to say, don’t leave at the break of day.
Please don’t make me pay, but your not real, that’s why you’re gone when I wake.
You’re not real, that’s why your face is grey.